Muga Silk  is considered to be the king of silk, but there is another indigenous worm silk widely available in Assam. This is Eri silk, considered to be poor man’s silk, but it is closely attached to the assamese society, dress for it’s warm quality

The fascination towards eri clothes among the folk life of Assam and the North-east can easily be gauged from an old Assamese proverb (“dair päni, erir käni”) which implies that while curd cools the eri clothe warms up a person (Allen 1899:10). The name “Eri” is derived from an assamese word “Era” the castor plant. This originally wild silk-moth in India, the Eri Silkmoth (Samia ricini)is now fully domesticated and used mainly in the north eastern parts of the country.


Fashion has reached a unique stage where critics and consumers have made a clean mental distinction between a beautiful product and where it comes from. Backed by marketing and celebrity culture, the aspirational value of a fur bag, shahtoosh shawl (despite being banned), leather wallet or even a Banarasi silk sari has overshadowed the ethicality of its production.

The material has even found its way to international collections like that of New York-based brand, Theory.Today, a handful of Indian designers are turning to this wonderful fabric and experimenting with it to give it new form. At Asian Designer Week 2017  ,Designer Sweety Sharma gave this ” Poor Man Silk “  a new defination of ” HI FASHION AND LUXURY “.

She  presented a collection of wild silk ensembles, and Eri figured in a trench coat, a tunic and a stitched sari among other garments. The range was well-received by the discerning audience with a well-honed aesthetic and philosophical background.”It is a very specific client you’re talking to — one who understands and appreciates the story behind it. The production is very limited, not the easiest fabric to get, and not available in large numbers.”

Mr. Robby Rawat, Managing Director – iGenius Entertainment, said “The 4th of the Asian Designer Week commenced with a grand opening ceremony. We are very happy with the response from the entire fashion fraternity. The Platform of ADW is open to budding talent as well as putting indigenous Indian Textiles like Eri Silk on the Ramp.     Have tried to bridge the gap between the national and international fashion scenario by showcasing the best of the Asian continents.”


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